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is a diversified manufacturing company located in South Windsor, Connecticut. The Capewell Division manufactures military parachute releases, ripcords, cable assemblies, slings, aerial delivery platforms and various safety devices for commercial aircraft. Capewell also designs, develops, manufactures and provides training for heavy and precision airdrop systems, extraction components and airlift products. Applications include military resupply airdrops and humanitarian relief. The Cramer Company manufactures a range of motorized cycle timers, elapsed time indicators and permanent magnet motors for machinery, appliances, military and HVAC applications. The M.H. Rhodes Company manufactures a wide range of timers and panel mount time switches for the medical, automotive, military, appliance, aerospace, security and food service industries.

headquartered in Bristol, Pennsylvania, is one of the largest distributors of safety and environmental remediation products in the Eastern U.S. Products are focused on employee safety in general and EPA/OSHA compliance. The company also has distribution facilities in New York and Louisiana. The company offers general and environmental safety products. General goods include a wide variety of items such as gloves, safety goggles, boots, hard hats, hazard cones, waste bags and more. Advanced technical safety items include floor stripping machines, protective apparel, air/water filtration devices, sampling systems and respiratory systems.

located in West Chester, Ohio, is a marketer and developer of premium brands in the home care/cleaning product category. Founded in 2000, Redox has thus far successfully purchased the venerable OXYDOL detergent and BIZ bleach additive brands from Procter & Gamble. These products are sold through supermarkets, mass merchandisers and drug/convenience channels as well as industrial markets. The intention is to revive these orphan brands and to continue to acquire premium brands in the cleaning category.

is a former Alcoa/Reynolds Metals refinery, located 15 miles north of Corpus Christi, Texas. Sherwin is the second largest refiner of alumina in the United States, the ninth largest alumina facility in the world and one of only four such plants operating in the U.S. Alumina is refined from bauxite and is later smelted into aluminum. The company is also a major supplier of chemical aluminas to the North American market. The refinery has a production capacity of 1.6 million metric tons per year of metallurgical and chemical aluminas.

C & W FABRICATORS, INC. (Sold: November 2001)
was located in Gardner, Massachusetts. The company designed, engineered and fabricated large steel ductwork for gas turbine power generation systems. These large structures are placed on the intake and exhaust sides of a gas turbine and are an integral part of gas turbine power generation systems. The design was created to meet specific decibel requirements of the site and to increase energy efficiency. C & W had served this industry for over 40 years. It was committed to the continuous development of design and manufacturing capabilities incorporating the latest technological innovations to ensure its role as a full-service supplier to the global gas turbine power generation market.

Gas turbines are increasingly important as a cost effective, environmentally acceptable solution to energy needs. When combined with a boiler, an energy-efficient cogeneration facility is created. These factors have helped gas turbines play a major role in satisfying the world's appetite for additional power, which has been greatest in developing countries. In response to this need, C & W had developed an extensive network of manufacturing affiliates in Asia, Europe and North America to provide timely delivery of quality products worldwide.

VICTOREEN, INC. (Sold: January 1998)
Based in Cleveland, Ohio, was a major international supplier of instrumentation for measurement of radiation, moisture in gases and under sea imaging through its EdgeTech division.

EdgeTech was located in Milford, Massachusetts. EdgeTech's primary business is the design, production and marketing of sophisticated acoustic-based oceanographic instrumentation such as side-scan sonars, sub-bottom profilers, acoustic releases and current meters. The market segments that use these devices include worldwide coastal development and maintenance, environmental cleanup, oil and gas exploration, naval interest in target detection and location and hydrographic mapping. Specific applications include harbor tunnel construction, marine disaster investigations and surveys of the ocean floor for oil and gas fields. The company also manufactures high accuracy moisture measuring instruments, which have a wide range of applications in industrial processes where moisture content affects product quality such as semiconductor and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Nuclear Associates Division (NAD) was located in Carle Place, New York. NAD was a leading distributor of medical Quality Assurance devices and accessories. The devices, instruments and accessories are used in the medical disciplines of diagnostic radiology, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, CAT scan and radiation therapy.

Radiation measurement instrumentation is used in medical diagnostics to improve readability of x-ray films while minimizing total patient radiation dose. The instrumentation is also critical to delivering proper radiation dose for patient treatment. These instruments are used for safety and Quality Assurance programs for calibration and daily performance checking of x-ray and other radiation generating machines in hospitals, oncology treatment centers and imaging laboratories.

In the nuclear power generation industry, the power plant is monitored through measurement of radiation levels inside its coolant loops. Environmental compliance is assured through measurement of effluent liquids and gases. Protection for power plant employees is attained through area monitoring and personal accumulated dose tracking.

In the electronic component market, Victoreen offered specialty resistor products characterized by their high resistance values and ability to operate at very high voltage. These products are sold to electronic equipment manufacturers who need to either regulate high voltage or measure extremely small electronic signals.

headquartered in Strasburg, VA, is a primary producer of high calcium lime, high calcium limestone and construction aggregate products serving a variety of environmental, municipal and industrial markets.

A substantial amount of the company's chemical grade lime is sold for use in the treatment of potable water, municipal and industrial effluents and for the stabilization of toxic wastes. The company sells to the steel industry both for high-grade specialty steels and for the neutralization of acid effluents and as a fluxing agent in the manufacture of steel. Chemical grade lime products are also sold to manufacturers of wood pulp, chemical products and food additives as well as to the construction industry.

Chemical grade limestone is sold to utilities where it is used to capture emissions from coal fired electric power plants. High purity limestone products are also desirable for glass manufacturing, animal feeds and agricultural uses. Chemstone's aggregate products are available in a variety of sizes that comply with state and federal government specifications.

WOOD PRO, INC. (Sold: July 2015)
headquartered in Auburn, Massachusetts, is an industry-leading distributor of hardwood flooring, tile and related installation and finishing supplies to flooring contractors. The company has earned the title "The Wood Floor Experts" with distribution centers able to provide customers with a full array of materials, equipment, experience and expert advice for any floor project plus unmatched customer service. The company has five sales/distribution facilities located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New York.

a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wood Pro, Inc. headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida is an industry-leading distributor of hardwood flooring and related installation and finishing supplies. The Company's primary customers are floor-covering retailers, wood flooring retailers and wood flooring installers and finishers. CWF has differentiated itself by developing and marketing a line of exotic hardwood flooring products under the Forest Accents brand name. The Company has six distribution facilities located in Florida (4) and Georgia (2).